Axis Curated Selection Prize

I’m delighted to have been chosen as one of the prize winners for the 2014 Axis Curated Selection Prize.

My online exhibition, drawn from the artist profiles of Axis is titled ‘The Artists’ Archive’ and will be going live on Axis in June.

In the meantime, a little information about my selection:

I loved the humour of Anna Keleher’s work as it took a completely different kind of approach to the formation of the archive, in this case revealing it as fictional construct. I saw and heard Elly Clarke’s work last year and really enjoyed the intimacy of the site-specific recordings, and I’ve followed John Plowman’s work for a number of years after he taught me during my BA. The delicacy of material and lightness of touch in Annie Ward’s work spoke about the fragility of the archive for me. Her appropriation of institutional critique can also be seen in Duncan Mountford’s quite bleak work, and I felt it was important to engage with the politics of the archive and how this often becomes material to be edited, powerfully presented in Hyewon Kwon’s piece.

Axis have also used one of my images from Amelia Beavis Harrison’s performance ‘5 artists sit on a bench eating ice-cream in December’ from my festival ‘things that seem to happen by chance’ as their lead image for the story.

They announced the prize winners this week.

The other two winners are Laura Dennis from Norwich University of the Arts and Denise Courcoux from the University of Manchester.

More information available at


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