Lectures at Birmingham School of Art, February 2015

IMG_2487 (2)

I’m looking forward to getting back into some higher education teaching in the next couple of weeks at the beautiful Birmingham School of Art on Margaret St. I’m thrilled to have been invited to again share some of my experiences with students at the school.

The first of my sessions will explore some of the histories connected to art spaces within the West Midlands and the strategies organisations are utilising to engage audiences at these sites. The session will be led in conjunction with BOM’s Karen Newman and facilitated by the brilliant Cathy Wade who has invited us to speak. This forms part of the BA Level 5 Module on Art and Audience on which Cathy teaches.

In the second of my lectures, I will be looking at the relationships between gender and contemporary performance art. Specific case studies will provide anchors to discussions around the possibilities that an opening up of gender offers to audiences and to broader art discourse. I have been invited by MA History of Art and Design Course Director Dr Susan May to share my research in this area, as part of an option module for students enrolled on the Arts Based Masters Programme at the School of Art.


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