Water pouring through the sink

Wellcome has commissioned five photographers from five different countries for The Covid-19 Anxiety Project, which coincides with the submission period for the 2021 Wellcome Photography Prize which is free to enter and closes on January 18th 2021.

In the commission, Cait Oppermann ( Brooklyn, New York, USA), Hayleigh Longman (Harlow, Essex, UK), LindoKuhle Sobekwa (Thokoza, Johannesburg, South Africa), Manu Brabo (Gijón, Spain) and Tatsiana Chypsanava (Nelson, New Zealand) tell their stories and explore the mental health repercussions of isolation due to Covid-19.

Specifically, they have been tasked with answering the question: How are you, your family and your friends coping with anxiety related to Covid-19?

In partnership with Wellcome, we commissioned West Midlands based curator and writer Anneka French to write her creative response to The Covid-19 Anxiety Project.

Read online as part of Photoworks+ #10 Care, published December 2020 here

(Image credit: Hayleigh Longman / Covid-19 Anxiety Project © Wellcome)