Anthony Luvera: Agency

The pedestrian route from Coventry train station to the city centre is a well-travelled one, taking in a mixture of modern offices, the notorious ring road, dusty sites of demolition, a small park, a line of estate agents, and for the month of October only, a row of bold photographic portraits mounted on placards. This is Agency, a project by Anthony Luvera, a photographer who was been working with socially engaged methodologies for twenty years. Agency builds upon Luvera’s deep engagement with homelessness in particular and follows on from recent projects such as Frequently Asked Questions (2020), a research-led series of provocations contributing to expanded conversations on the subject developed in collaboration with Gerald Mclaverty who has first-hand experience of homelessness …

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Commissioned and published by Photomonitor.

Anthony Luvera: Agency
08.10.21 – 28.10.21
Warwick Row