Nicola Muirhead: Unseen

A double page spread of photographs look as though they are on fire. In the left of the two, a man stands framed in a domestic doorway, apparently absorbed in reading something. A chair, towel and bath are visible behind while swirling around him are swathes of orange, gold and vivid green. The light and the colour obliterate the darkened walls of his home, on the edge of engulfing him. In the right-hand photograph, the same fiery light dominates, rapidly surrounding an hourglass with falling sand centred in the image’s frame.

These urgent and extraordinary works are just two from a book of thirty-five chemically altered Polaroids made by London-based photographer Nicola Muirhead which have gathered much-deserved acclaim in recent months. Titled Unseen, the publication offers up globally resonant but intensely personal experiences of the pandemic through raw, emotional photographs that span portraiture, still life, landscape and depictions of her home …

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Review commissioned and published by Photomonitor, 2022.